Best Practices

1) Clients are seen by different specialists so that they get best treatment of their problem.

2) Individual client counselling is done along with emphasis on ergonomics and home advice.

3) The clients are given a reasonable level of information in advance about the relative benefits of a proposed programme of health care.

4) Students are provided clinical care under supervision of faculty members.

5) A practice needs a policy on managing clients for whom English is a second language. Here the clients are spoken in Hindi so as to achieve the effective communication.

6) Our practice has a comprehensive network of allied health and medical service provider for the purpose of referral and maintains up to date contact.

7) Our practice supports the health and well being of staff in a variety of ways such as; adequate breaks, realistic workloads, supportive training, supervision and communicative training.

8) Professionals use their knowledge, experience and expertise together with assessment findings to help clients to set goals that are SMART.

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